Curezone physiotherapy is a sports injury clinic in Mississauga with multidisciplinary approach towards prevention, evaluation, and treatment of injuries.

Is sport injury therapy covered by my insurance provider?

Yes, sport injuries are covered by all insurance companies. Usually sports injuries are due to overuse or improper training and techniques. The licensed registered physiotherapist in our sports injury clinic Mississauga is to plan patient oriented customize exercise program that is progressed gradually by sports injury prevention program.

How many sessions are needed before I can become active again?

Our physiotherapist usually discusses the diagnosis with you after the assessment and tells you about how many treatments they think would take to treat the problem.  Generally, it takes 5 to 10 sessions to completely get pain free. It can take more or lesser sessions based on your symptoms and your effort and support.    

How can sports injuries be prevented?

Sports Injuries can be avoided by various ways. Our physiotherapist usually recommends and provides you proper forms and movement techniques will perform sports and activities. They sometimes may advise you to get a video or record your activities so as they can watch and find the ways to improve the form and correct the right movement strategy. They may also recommend following options for support.          

Bracing and Sports Tapping

Muscle reconditioning Exercises

Propioception and balance training

Custom made Orthotics

Custom made Braces

Will I be provided exercises at home to help speed up recovery?

Of course, our registered physiotherapist makes sure to provide a proper home exercise program on your first initial physiotherapy assessment. They start with light basic exercises followed by strengthening exercises and weights on the follow up visits. Home exercise program helps in speedy recovery and less sessions.