Physiotherapy Assistant

Nick is in 3rd year of  Kinesiology and Health promotion.  It is a degree program that focuses on many aspects of health including the promotion of public health.  Some  areas of study that I focus on are Anatomy which is understanding the human body and where muscles originate, insert and their nerve supply,  Strength and Conditioning which is creating and designing exercise programs for rehabilitation and athletic purposes, Biomechanics and Ergonomics which is understanding the way the body moves, joint angles and correct postures to reduce risk of health problems and Health promotion which is determining ways people can take control of their lives in order to benefit or adopt a healthy living behaviour.

His future endeavors are to graduate after this four-year program and hopefully enter and study in either Chiropractic college or achieve my Masters degree in Physiotherapy.  He is highly interested in sports especially soccer and basketball and has been playing soccer for almost 14 years. Some of my hobbies include videogames, anime and athletics.  Here at Curezone Physiotherapy, he is a Physical Therapist Assistant.  He works along side Sheena John the Registered physiotherapist and other Physical Therapist Assistants in completing ultrasound therapy, muscle stimulation, laser therapy, exercise programs and the assistance through exercises.  He believe in delivering the best care possible within my scope of practice along side the guidance of Sheena John.     

Nick Clarizio