Curezone physiotherapy is a sports injury and Rehabilitation clinic in Mississauga with multidisciplinary approach towards prevention and evaluation of injuries. Our goals are to provide the most thorough and effective one on one patient-centric practice to relieve your pain, improve your physical function, get you back to normal life as soon as possible and educate you on how to prevent future injuries.

What are the long term effects of unresolved elbow pain?

Unresolved elbow pain generally leads to chronic scar tissue formation and constant dull ache. 

It can also decrease the muscle tone of the extensor muscle group, increase muscle weakness, tenderness on palpation of the extensor muscle group. It can also lead to disability and inability to perform normal day to day activities and household chores.   

Should I be icing my sore elbow?

They usually recommend you icing at the initial stage of injury or symptoms. Icing is recommended after the treatment due to muscle soreness. After 2 -3 sessions, the physiotherapist usually recommends using a heat to promote faster healing. They provide you a proper guidance as they go along with the treatment.      

Can I continue to exercise while getting treatment for my elbow pain?

It all depends upon your severity of symptoms and loss of muscle tone and strength of the extensor muscle group. After your initial assessment and treatment the physiotherapist decides the exercises and gives you a proper guidance of the activities they can perform. Our physiotherapists are usually an expert and best in providing elbow pain treatments. Their goal is to implement a treatment plan where you can continue your normal day to day activities without restricting or bracing your elbow.      

Will physiotherapy treatment will be painful?

The Physiotherapist explains in detail the treatment planned and the machines beneficial for the treatment. The treatment is usually a bit painful but they sure it is within the limits of your pain. They prefer using some modalities such as Laser, Ultrasound, Shockwave Therapy, and Electro Acupuncture for faster recovery.          

Is there a difference between inner and outer elbow pain?

Inner elbow pain is mainly called as Golfer’s elbow or medial epicondylitis and outer elbow pain is called as tennis elbow or Lateral epicondylitis. Tennis Elbow is the inflammation of the tendon outside of the elbow called as extensor muscle group, while a person suffering from golfer’s elbow will experience inflammation on the inner side of the arm of the flexor muscle group.

What is the cause of elbow pain?

It is caused by activities that require repeated flexing or twisting of the wrist.  Repetitive tasks like gardening, shoveling, prolonged hours of cooking and cleaning, typing, throwing a ball, painting and similar activities all put you at risk for golfer’s or tennis elbow. It can also be seen in weight trainers with poor technique, as well as those who work in carpentry, painting or electrical works which require repetitive bending and straightening the elbow.